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23 Best YouTube SEO Tools To Boost Your Channel Rankings 2021

To do the YouTube optimization there are a lot of YouTube SEO tools available but which tool is good for your channel & video, that is a question? To answer, this question we’ve created this elaborated post on YouTube SEO tools that can be helpful for you in YouTube optimization(for Channel & Video), and these tools are very easy to handle.

YouTube is also a search engine like Google, so it also needs SEO tools and strategies like Google. But knowing the YouTube SEO strategy is not enough, you have to have knowledge about its tools too. In this post, we will explain to you the best YouTube SEO tools out there and these tools are free too.

If you want to know about how to use these tools and how to do SEO in YouTube, then read our blog on 12 Essential Steps For SEO In YouTube 2021. In this post, you will learn how to make your channel and videos more visible on YouTube to reach your audience effectively.

1. YouTube SEO Tools: Trending Video Topic Ideas

i) Google Trends – Use Google Trends for the ideas of hot topics around the globe or you can set it for your particular region. You can also put your idea search term or topic and see how it is being seen around the world, you can even set it for YouTube search also and choose other filters too, like- region, time duration, etc. It is a great free tool for finding trending topics.

YouTube SEO Tools: Trending Video Topic Ideas - google trends

ii) Quora – Quora is also a great free tool for finding the topic ideas for your YouTube Videos. Just put your topic keyword and then it will show you the different topics/questions in trend related to that topic. It will show you the topics in which people are having problems and you can then address them in your video with that question as a title.

YouTube SEO Tools: Trending Video Topic Ideas - quora

iii) Ask Your Audience – You can ask your existing audience for the topic ideas in your videos and they’ll answers you in your comments section. This method will do two things for you, first, it will increase the engagement on your video, and second, it will give you the pain points of your audience and topic ideas.

You can also ask your audience by sharing a Google form on your social media or on your YouTube channel where you’ll ask for your audience pain points and what changes it would make in their life if you answer them.

YouTube SEO Tools: Trending Video Topic Ideas- Google forms

2. YouTube SEO Tools: Graphic Designs Or Channel & Video Branding

i) Tool for Searching YouTube channel name – NameLix. NameLix is also a great free tool for generating business names or it can give you ideas regarding it, you just have to put your business/channel keyword and it will generate names around that keyword.

2. YouTube SEO Tools: Graphic Designs Or Channel & Video Branding - namelix, business name generator

ii) Tool for Branding(Logo, Channel Art, Watermark, Thumbnails) – Canva. Canva is an excellent tool for channel branding and it is a free tool too. We also use canva for our agency’s designs. You can create anything related to YouTube branding, you just have to click on create a design and type YouTube. It also has a lot of free readymade templates for your need.
There are also other tools available like Canva – Crello, Snappa, DesignWizard.

2. YouTube SEO Tools: Graphic Designs Or Channel & Video Branding - Canva

YouTube channels generally make a mistake in the creation of YouTube channel art because it has size issues for different devices, so to resolve that issue we have written a blog on how to create a YouTube Banner/channel art and also created a YouTube Video on this topic.

Other tools that can be handy in Branding:-
a) For color schemes – Canva colors, UI Gradients.
b) For free stock images – Pexels, Unsplash, FreePik.
c) For design inspiration – Use google, Design Inspiration.
d) For background removal from an image – remove bg.

3. YouTube SEO Tools: Recognize The Best Keywords

Tracking down the best keyword for your video title is vital in light of the fact that the keyword is the central motivation behind why your video content is being found. You should select a keyword in a way that brings traffic from YouTube and Google. You should create a list of the keywords in excel to narrow it down to the best keywords.

Tools that can be useful in keyword research:

i) YouTube autocomplete – The first tool you can use is YouTube autocomplete, just put your keyword in it and see the other related terms provided by it.

ii) Ubersuggest – Ubersuggest is also the best keyword-finding tool created by Neil Patel. You just have to put your keyword and select your country and it will show you the other possible keywords.

iii) Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension – This tools is great and easily compliments YouTube search.

iv) Quora – Quora is not just a website to find topics, it is also a website where you can find great keyword ideas too. It is a completely free tool. It also gives you the idea of user search intent with keywords.

v) Other useful keyword research tools are, Keyword Sheeter. This tool is partially free but it gives you plenty of information so you don’t have to go to the paid plan, and in this tool, you can choose YouTube to specifically search for YouTube keywords. Keyword Sheeter is a completely free tool to use.

YouTube SEO Tools: Recognize The Best Keywords - keyword research tools

Use the above tools to create a list of all possible tools available and choose the appropriate keyword in a way that brings traffic from Google and YouTube. To do this search selected good volume keywords on google and see the total search results and try to reduce the results by tweaking or making it a long-tail keyword.

4. YouTube SEO Tools: Recognize The Best Tags For Video & Channel

Video tags are added when the video is being uploaded and its main purpose is to help your video to come up with suggestions of your competitor’s video and it also defines the video.

To find keywords of your competitor’s video we like the chrome extension of vidIQ. First, you sign-up on the website and authorize your channel and then download the chrome extension. Now you can go onto your competitor’s video and see their video tags from this extension. You can also search the keyword in the search bar and then Enable Inline Keywords on top and you’ll see the video tags of those ranking videos below them. You can also use this for the SEO checklist of videos, just go over to your video and it will show you the checklist.

 SEO Tools: Recognize The Best Tags For Video & Channel - vidiq

You can also use the Rapid Tags for generating YouTube tags. It is a free tool. You can put your video topic and it will generate multiple tags revolving around that topic.
To get the YouTube channel tags for your channel you can use other channels of your niche through opening the source code. Just go over to their channel and press CTRL+U and then Press CTRL+F and type keyword, and it will show you their channel tags.

 SEO Tools: Recognize The Best Tags For Video & Channel - rapid tags

5. YouTube SEO Tools: Video Editing Tools

VEED.IO is a free tool for adding subtitles/captions in the video and editing the video. You just have to upload the video in it. Adding subtitles/captions in a YouTube video is very important nowadays because YouTube SEO recognizes that.

For editing YouTube videos, you can use Canva, Adobe Spark, and Wondershare Filmora.
You can use Text to Speech software if you are camera shy and don’t wanna use your voice for it.

6. YouTube SEO Tools: YouTube Channel Analysis

Analyzing your YouTube channel is very important for the health of your channel. It can give you insights into how your channel and videos are doing. You can check which type of videos are working for your channel and which topics are liked the most by your audience. In other words, you can say analytics is your Best Friend Forever.

YouTube Analytics is a free tool given by YouTube itself. It is a great tool that can give you all the insights you want and all that is important. It gives you insight into how your videos are doing, what are your audience, traffic source, and all the other important metrics that you need to see to take further decisions.

Use Social Blade for analyzing your competitor’s YouTube channels. Social Blade is a great analytics tool for analyzing your competitor’s channel. You just have to put their channel’s name and then it will give an overview about how their channels are working and their estimated views, estimated earnings, their global presence, etc.

YouTube SEO Tools: YouTube Channel Analysis - social blade

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